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The Private Limited Company BMB was established in 1999 and has been functioning successfully in Lithuania since then.

Due to our 75-year experience in combining traditional handicrafts and state-of-the-art woodworking technologies, we have been cultivating deep awareness of production processes that always lead to uniqueness and high quality of our products.

Our plant with an advanced production line is situated close to Vilnius (the capital of Lithuania), only 7 kilometres away from the Geographical Centre of Europe, which enables us not only to produce daily different high quality timber windows and door elements but also to offer the best logistics services to our clients.

The map below illustrates where most of our clients are located and all of them have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the BMB production.

We communicate with our clients in Lithuanian, Russian, English, German and Polish. If you wish to contact us, just click "Contact Us."

Conceived and finalised in 1999, BMB Timber Windows has 75 years of experience in conventional handicrafts items and woodwork technology. Since, inception, we have aspired to create the best quality sash windows for our clients spread across UK. Our windows are designed with utmost focus on the traditional aestheticism and advantages of modern craftsmanship.  We strictly use engineered timber that reduces the chances of jamming and seasonal movement of wood, while double glazing with improved insulated glass helps to keep your window looking new. You can opt for our standard measurement timber windows London or get them crafted separately to suit your choices.

Our sash windows London are crafted with wood from European oak or treated Pine, also known as Meranti. Our windows come with the conventional sash lifts including fitch catches. These accessories come in brass and chrome forms. Finishing is done with micro-porous high-end paint. Further we guarantee timber sash windows London with UV protection features. Our high performance windows also feature window seals that avoid the rattle and draught from coming in. We additionally, offer after sales services and regular consultation in terms of proper care and maintenance of your wooden sash windows London. Browse through our website to learn more about the benefits we offer.

Our satisfied customers are located in many different countries:

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